Jan 17, 2011

Kaoko's Collection of Funny Jokes #2 - F-U-N-N-Y!

Person 1: Can you tell me how to spell 'funny' Posted Image?
Person 2: **-
Person 1: What- Posted Image!!?
Person 2: **-
Person 1: OMG Posted Image!!
Person 2: Wha- what's wrong? Didn't you ask me how to spell 'Funny'?

Person 1: I did but...

Person 2: Then it's F U N N Y.
Person 1: Oh Posted Image. 

Jan 9, 2011

Silly Questions Get Silly Answers

There was a girl sitting next to Kaoko in some kind of events and this they had some conversation… 

Girl:  What does your beloved mother work as Onion Head Emoticons 116? 
Kaoko: Umm…  Onion Head Emoticons 76  hmm Onion Head Emoticons 107...
Girl: Aha! You are embarrassed and couldn’t split out Onion Head Emoticons 45, is she a servant or a driver or some sort of a bin collector Onion Head Emoticons 39? 
Kaoko: How rude Onion Head Emoticons 141! You didn’t even give me a chance to answer or say a thing Onion Head Emoticons 95, besides that was such a silly question Onion Head Emoticons 20... She had graduated the biggest university in Buddha Onion Head Emoticons 106, and could have such expensive earning job as an astronaut or an architect or something like that Onion Head Emoticons 118! 

Jan 4, 2011

[Book Review] Young Samurai #4 – The Ring of Earth

The 4rd series of the Young Samurai felt a little sad without Jack's friends (Yamato, Saburo, Kiku, and the others). But the adventure is interesting and thrilling. Jack meets new friends, and begin his rough training to become a ninja! Imagine that! The Ring of Earth holds a lot of twists which I find really heart wrecking!

With no sensei to guide him, he has just his wits and his swords against many new and unknown enemies, as he journeys along the treacherous road to the port of Nagasaki and perhaps home...

But the Shogun’s samurai are hot on his trail. Barely escaping their clutches, Jack runs headlong into a trap. Kidnapped by ninja and led to their village deep in the mountains, Jack has no means of escape.

Jan 3, 2011

[Book Review] Young Samurai #3 – The Way of the Dragon

The book Young Samurai – The Way of the Dragon contains more action and battle than the previous two. It also holds many twists.
As the story continues, a great battle occurs; many dies and many who sacrifice their lives for the living (people who they held dear).
There were touching scenes that had let a tear or two roll down my cheeks.
Anyway, this book is way more thrilling than the previous two. And I would say that I loved it and had read it more than twice already!


June 1613. Japan is threatened with war and Jack is facing his greatest battle yet.
Samurai are taking sides and, as the blood begins to flow, Jack's warrior training is put to the ultimate test. His survival - and that of his friends -

Jan 2, 2011

[Book Review] Young Samurai #2 – The Way of the Sword

This book is a sequel of Young Samurai – The Way of the Warrior. The story is more interesting and thrilling. I also learnt and benefitted a lot from the book.

After a vicious ninja attack left him orphaned and stranded in Japan, Jack Fletcher managed to complete his first year of samurai school. Still, his troubles are far from over. The prejudice of his Japanese classmates has gained him dangerous enemies within his school, and Dragon Eye -- the ninja who killed his father -- is still after him. Jack's only hope of defeating them lies in surviving the Circle of Three: an ancient ritual that tests a samurai's courage, skill, and spirit to the limit. For most, gaining entry into the Circle means honor and glory, but for Jack it's a matter of life or death.

Jan 1, 2011

[Book Review] Young Samurai #1 – The Way of the Warrior

Excited, thrilled, touched, were my feelings while I read the Young Samurai – The Way of the Warrior. The story takes you a hundred years back in Edo era in Japan (1600s), about a young boy named Jack Fletcher, a 12-year-old English boy, who was sailing with his father and his crew in search of the legendary Japanese islands.
The group got shipwrecked off the coast of Japan in 1611 in a village named Toba, whereupon the crews are attacked by a ninja (which they believe at the time to be wokou, Japanese pirates). Only Jack survives and his father leaves him with his prized possession, a rutter (a precursor to the modern navigation chart).
Jack is rescued by legendary samurai swordsman Masamoto Takeshi who decides to adopt him until he is old enough, which makes Masamoto's son Yamato envious. Jack discovers that the leader of the ninja was known as


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