Dec 23, 2010

Kaoko's Collection of Funny Jokes #1 - RONG!

Teacher: How do you spell 'wrong'?
Student: R?o?n?g? Onion Head Emoticons 107
Teacher: That’s wrongPosted Image! ...You pinheadPosted Image!
Student: That’s what you asked for, isn’t itPosted Image?

Nov 17, 2010

The Brutal Loss: Part 2 (Final)

(A/N): Hello, this is the second part of the Brutal Loss. And as mentioned, the title would be: the Great Detective’s Funeral. I may have done mistakes with the previous part…

and Kiel & HalfAngel, two of my faithful friends in DCW, edited the story under my approval. They amazingly corrected all the mistakes, and Kiel added more actions and details to the story, which made me really glad. And to tell you, my dear readers, if you had read the previous part, I suggest you read it again (the edited version), and tell us your opinions through out your review.

PS. Please don’t expect it to be as good. Because if it turned out not as you expect it to turn to be, you’ll be utterly disappointed. Just think that this is just another silly story you are going to read and probably the worst Fan-Fic you’ll ever see!
Thank you, and enjoy~
One shot, Part 2: the Great Detective’s Funeral

Osaka – Police District
Sunday 5th - 09:58 PM
“What did you say!?” Heiji Hattori yelled at Inspector Otaki who had just informed him of the tragic news. It was a joke, wasn’t it?!” Heiji flared at him, “Tell me this is a joke!”
“Hei-chan… he…” Otaki tried his best to be as clear as possible. He had been in  a great shock after hearing the news himself, he didn’t expect telling this to Heiji would be this hard.
“You dare to say it again, and I’ll kill you…!” Heiji snarled, gripping to Otaki’s collar.
“People die…” the inspector told him solemnly, “you have to accept this… this is what we call a reality…”
“Damn it!” Heiji cursed, and then ran off in the opposite direction, “Damn it!”

Oct 16, 2010

The Brutal Loss: Part 1

N/A: This is the edited version of the ‘Brutal Lost’. The editing and correcting was all done by a faithful and trustful friend of mine… Tacticwolf! She kindly accepted my humble offer to edit this respectful work. And she has done an amazingly good job… she has corrected my mistakes I had done, and added more details to the story. If you have read the one before this, then I suggest you read it again and tell us your opinion of this edited version. And then, another member kindly corrected my mistakes, her name is… HalfAngel! She was very good at explaining where my mistakes were and I learned from them a lot. Thank you HalfAngel! You should be my English teacher (LOL)


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