Jan 31, 2012

The Desperate Toilet Poll

This is a weird question that popped to my mind after seeing people's reaction upon entering the toilet - toilet after it is used by the previous person, leaving the toilet with a very unpleasant smell that you think you'd puke.
Miss Bone Emoticons 43
Onion Head Emoticons 35So here goes~

When you finish with the toilet (doing the number 2) leaving the natural odor behind, the reactions of people who enter the toilet, which do you prefer of these three:
  1. One who says, “Eww, it stinks, man.” - Makes a big fuss over it until it makes your face red, but then he waits until the smell disappears.
  2. One who doesn't say anything, but exaggeratedly sprays the perfume in unbelievable manner, flush the toilet twice, and then do his business.
  3. One who doesn't say anything, entered the toilet, endured the smell, but as a reward to his kindness he vomits to the shock of the unbelievably smelly odor.

Please vote (the poll is below - shortened) and if you wish, you may share your opinion by commenting on this post ~

Which do you desperately prefer of the three reactions (mentioned above)?


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