Jan 9, 2011

Silly Questions Get Silly Answers

There was a girl sitting next to Kaoko in some kind of events and this they had some conversation… 

Girl:  What does your beloved mother work as Onion Head Emoticons 116? 
Kaoko: Umm…  Onion Head Emoticons 76  hmm Onion Head Emoticons 107...
Girl: Aha! You are embarrassed and couldn’t split out Onion Head Emoticons 45, is she a servant or a driver or some sort of a bin collector Onion Head Emoticons 39? 
Kaoko: How rude Onion Head Emoticons 141! You didn’t even give me a chance to answer or say a thing Onion Head Emoticons 95, besides that was such a silly question Onion Head Emoticons 20... She had graduated the biggest university in Buddha Onion Head Emoticons 106, and could have such expensive earning job as an astronaut or an architect or something like that Onion Head Emoticons 118! 

Girl: You are just telling tales. Ho-ho and I bet you don’t have a car, coming here by bus. 
Kaoko: Oh really? We do have a car that's belongs to my father Onion Head Emoticons 86. And so what if I come here by bus Onion Head Emoticons 30? Lot of the girls does Onion Head Emoticons 30. 
Girl: And where did your father get that car from? 
Kaoko: And where do you think he get it from Onion Head Emoticons 61? From smelly garbage or dirty lake or stolen it or something? He bought it with his own pocket money Onion Head Emoticons 86. 
Girl: My beloved and handsome Onion Head Emoticons 27 father has 5 cars. Each with different styles and models Onion Head Emoticons 27, we have Hyundai; BMW, Jaguar, Toyota and Honda. And after 5 years he is going to buy one of my own Miss Bone Emoticons 27. So what kind of car does your father have? I bet none of those expensive cars we have Miss Bone Emoticons 17. 
Kaoko: Really? Oh and we also have a really posh one Miss Bone Emoticons 115. That has 2 lamps, 4 seats and 3 wheels Miss Bone Emoticons 128. 
Girl: What?! All cars have all those Miss Bone Emoticons 221, except… ahem… those 3 wheels Miss Bone Emoticons 330. 
Kaoko: I know, I know Miss Bone Emoticons 361. But you know that these wheels are the most uncomfortable wheels that you could ever see! Always bumping and makes people jump and bang their heads every single minute Miss Bone Emoticons 148, and making the most uncommon horrible noises that you could ever hear Miss Bone Emoticons 150! And we have very stimulating dirty seats that always give me and my family powerful aching Onion Head Emoticons 27, and even can cause skin cancer if sat on it more than 5 hours Onion Head Emoticons 35. And we had this kind of lamp that always twinkles Miss Bone Emoticons 366 that made my father really mad Miss Bone Emoticons 176 one day till he smashed is broken, falling into small little pieces Onion Head Emoticons 82. We have no choice that we ought to put candles instead Onion Head Emoticons 145.
Girl: Mwahahaahaha Onion Head Emoticons 14! I think it’s kind of horrible for your pitiful father for not to buy a new car Miss Bone Emoticons 299. Anyway, what kind of computer windows do you have? I have windows vista, the very modern one! 
Kaoko: We have a window called... Windows Bang-tong-tonOnion Head Emoticons 27.
Girl: ...What kind of windows is that Miss Bone Emoticons 238? 
Kaoko: Its supposed to be windows XP at first Miss Bone Emoticons 165, but... then my mother named it Bang-tong-tong after it turned to a really bizarre computer Miss Bone Emoticons 150! 
Girl: Bizarre Miss Bone Emoticons 189? How Onion Head Emoticons 48? 
Kaoko: Well Miss Bone Emoticons 83, you got to BANG the computer to make it work Miss Bone Emoticons 177, SLAP the monitor to make it unjam Miss Bone Emoticons 95, STOMP the mouse to make the pointer nudge, PRESS the keyboard’s button 3 times to make the alphabet appears on the screen! And you have to put your ear right to the microphone if you want to listen to the sounds which is really zigzagging Miss Bone Emoticons 54! 
Girl: Well, I can tell it’s a stupid and very irritating computer indeed Miss Bone Emoticons 134. However, why don’t you buy a new one? Can’t afford it or something Miss Bone Emoticons 164? 
Kaoko: Nah Miss Bone Emoticons 221~ it’s a pity we couldn’t Miss Bone Emoticons 34. But my mother says Onion Head Emoticons 37 that having this computer is healthier Onion Head Emoticons 36Onion Head Emoticons 34Onion Head Emoticons 32. 
Girl: Healthier Miss Bone Emoticons 238? How Onion Head Emoticons 45? 
Kaoko: She said this computer teach you exercise by BANGING and SLAPPING and STOMPING and PRESSING! And she said that this computer really teaches you Kung-Fu Onion Head Emoticons 60Onion Head Emoticons 68Onion Head Emoticons 56Onion Head Emoticons 121! And my mother also said that this computer trains your brain to concentrate to listen to zigzagging noises Onion Head Emoticons 121. And- 
Kaoko: Get lost Onion Head Emoticons 139! 

Ho-ho-ho-ho! The boaster fed up and didn’t’ ask further questions! 


  1. Well to put it midly I can't understand your jokes but ... okay, I clicked "funny". And decided to laugh hard to ... uhm, support you, I guess? I don't want Kaoko chan to be lonely after all *smirk*
    Oh and.
    I'm red_orchid_kudo on Twitter. Yes that one and the only one. *laugh*

  2. I must say - Funny. I was surprised by every silly answer. I gotta use something like this myself... LOL



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