Jun 5, 2011

Japanese Phrases - Itterasshai! Ittekimasu!

When you shall say... itterasshai... and... ittekimasu... lesson.

These phrases are very Japanese, and do not have literal translation.

行ってらっしゃい (itterasshai): You say this to someone when they are leaving home, either for work, school, etc. Which often translated to -> see you [later]; have a good day, have a safe journey; take care, etc.
Japanese people say this to express their hope that family members will come back to the house safely.

行って来ます (ittekimasu): This is usually a reply to 'itterasshai'. And is said by a person who is leaving. Which often translated to -> I am off [then]; see you later, to go (and then come back).

Here's a video clip example:

Conan: 分かった (wakatta)。 行ってらっしゃい (itterasshai)。
Ran: 行って来ます (ittekimasu)。

See? A perfect example! Hehe.

You can also say 行って来ます (ittekimasu) in a plain form: 行って来る (ittekuru)
Ex. 行って来るね、コウタ。 (ittekuru ne, Kouta.) -> I will be going now, Kouta; See you later, Kouta; etc.

Word Check:
分かる (wakaru) -> to understand
(verbs are shown in their plain form)

The '行って' (itte) in '行ってらっしゃい' (itterasshai) -> is a verb (plain form: 行く (iku)) 'to go'. Same goes for the '行って' (itte) in '行って来ます' (ittekimasu). The '来ます' (kimasu) in '行って来ます' (ittekimasuthere, (changing it to its root form -> 来る (kuru)) means: to come; to come back; to do ... and come back, etc.

Side Note: I know this isn't the place where I suppose to post this. But Japanese Ken is doing the characters right now (hiragana going to katakana).. because it goes from a scratch. Posting this there will only create confusions for beginners xD


  1. thanks Kaoko. I found a few explanations on the web, but the video clip was the most fun. I am trying (very hard) to remember what to say to (my boys') おばあさん when she leaves the house :-)

    1. You are very welcome, Mr. Garrett! I'm very glad that this post has helped someone even if it's just a little bit ^^
      Your comment is very much appreciated :-)

      PS. Although, the video now has been terminated along with my YouTube account due to some reason (will try to upload it again).



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