May 30, 2011

If The BO and The FBI Were to Switch Places!

If the BO and the FBIs were to switch places... which and with who do you think it would be? :D

First of all!

Akai and Gin: They are both genius and DANGEROUS! And are very skillful in their each's side... or more precisely the best ones Ali the racoon Emoticons 14.

May 29, 2011

Resemblance: Magic Kaitou & Detective Conan!

Have you ever noticed the similaraties between Magic Kaito and Detective Conan? I've collected most of the data Ali the racoon Emoticons 14. I love TRIVIA after all Ali the racoon Emoticons 56!

1. Ginzo Nakamori and Kogoro Mouri:

  • They both looked alike (beside the hairstyles [and their moustache style]).
  • They both have somewhat similar second name 'Nakamori', 'Mouri'. 
  • And they both have daughters that looked identical to each (except the hairstyles).

May 20, 2011

Sonoko's Abnormal GIFs

I love GIFs Ali the racoon Emoticons 14! I just love moving things Ali the racoon Emoticons 28! And my master taught me how to make them the other day Onion Head Emoticons 29. Here's 2 gifs I made out of Sonoko:
Sonoko's... abnormal laugh Onion Head Emoticons 14!

May 19, 2011

My Little Brother & His Homework!

One day, father brought my little crying brother to me. Onion Head Emoticons 140 Yukimaru (his code name, lol) was 8, and he looks a lot like Bruce Lee Ali the racoon Emoticons 50

Because his learning is slow and poor he goes to extra classes Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 10, but today he doesn't want to go and so he cried Ali the racoon Emoticons 31. Dad brought him to me so I could help him with his homework Ali the racoon Emoticons 39.
Man... how am I gonna teach him, he doesn't seem someone who'd listen to any lectures Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 214.

Farewell... Komol's Cat!

Since we got to live in North Africa, we never had a cat Onion Head Emoticons 29. And we had moved from place to place. Unsettling Onion Head Emoticons 38. We found a good landlord one year ago and settled in a place that looked quite like a country side.
We have this neighbour called 'Kamaru Kojima' (that's just a code name, lol Onion Head Emoticons 118). One day he brought a cat from a train station. The cat doesn't have a name, so I will just call it 'Guchi' right now. He was still a kitten when he was brought, but now he is a big cat. Kamaru had him stay in the rooftop. Our rooftop are connected so we usually have him to our place to play and eat. He is very naughty! Since we live at the 3rd floor, we don't the cat toilet. When he do poo-poo, he do it in the most difficult place to clean! He doesn't like to be loved either, he will only come to you when he needs something. But he is very cute! 

As he grew bigger, Kamaru stopped giving him much attention. The rooftop stinks of Guchi's crap. At first, when Dad came from England he was OK with the cat. But

May 18, 2011

Sneak Peek: TINTIN in 3D!

Wow, I can't believe this! Tintin in 3D!?

Having bought the film rights to Tintin 28 years ago, Steven Spielberg's big screen vision of the stories has been a long time coming.
But for fans of the intrepid reporter, they've been given a hint of things to come as the first trailer for the Tintin movie was released online.
A one minute trailer of The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn - the first in a proposed trilogy of Tintin movies - premiered online ahead of its release in December.
Scroll down to watch the trailer
Leaping off the page: Jamie Bell voices intrepid reporter Tintin in the long-awaited film adaptation of the Herge book series

The motion-capture animated film sees Spielberg returning to the director's chair with Lord Of The Rings' Peter Jackson producing.

May 16, 2011

Detective Boys & Nobita and his friends!

Have you ever notice the resemblance between Detective Boys (from Detective Conan) and Nobita and his friends?


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