Jun 14, 2011

[Japanese Book] Kokugo ni-jō tanpopo

This is a Japanese elementary book for grade two (I think/guess). I got this book from a Japanese embassy here in the country I am currently living in. It's cool to learn the way how native children learn. It's too bad I only got this book at the moment (I wish at least I'd have the first book).
I begin learning with this book after I mastered all the Kana characters and after getting to know some of the Kanji characters.
It won't get you anywhere if you just opened the book without having to know anything of how Japanese system works.
Even after I learnt the Japanese verbs from Tim-sensei, adjectives, particles, etc.
I still got this hard! Not really hard... but kind of hard xD
But that what makes learning fun! \o/ You struggle hard, but when you get to the point, you feel assured and really happy! You just need to keep climbing... never give up!

What I went through before I decided to study with this book:
  1. Mastering Hiragana and Katakana.
  2. Japanese verbs with Tim-sensei.
  3. Knowing the basic of how Japanese grammar works (that includes the verbs, adjectives, particles, word orders, etc.)
  4. Knowing the basic of Kanji.

^Don't worry, it's not that hard as it seems. In just a year (or less a bit), I learnt them all. Even though I am a lazy learner (I mean, not that lazy xD)... I learnt those all in less than a year. If I was a hard worker, it may have just took 3 month. See? I don't even go to special class, I self studied, and still studying ^^
I am planning to teach the members in the Japanese Ken with this book. I will translate it with the help of Kenny-sensei... and then we'll have a nice adventure in this book. But not after the requirement you have to go through (the things I mentioned above). In Japanese Ken, I will try to include them all (and even more). We are still with the Hiragana, I guess. But we'll try to move faster to go on to the next stage (Katakana, Japanese verbs, etc.)! Believe me, we'll make it as fun and easy as much as possible! \o/

This book includes having you learn such things like, stories, kanji, etc.
The pictures in the book are really beautiful and very cute, too. It's an awesome book <3

Anyway, here's the download link for the book: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5TLC6DNO

I just know you can do it! ;D

PS. It's a different story if you are just here to download the book, though xD

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  1. I also just found that website! I never thought that you learnt from there too :D



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