May 19, 2011

My Little Brother & His Homework!

One day, father brought my little crying brother to me. Onion Head Emoticons 140 Yukimaru (his code name, lol) was 8, and he looks a lot like Bruce Lee Ali the racoon Emoticons 50

Because his learning is slow and poor he goes to extra classes Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 10, but today he doesn't want to go and so he cried Ali the racoon Emoticons 31. Dad brought him to me so I could help him with his homework Ali the racoon Emoticons 39.
Man... how am I gonna teach him, he doesn't seem someone who'd listen to any lectures Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 214.
I begin with unzipping his school bag... the zip was... gross Miss Bone Emoticons 110. Even his back was kind of filthy Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 116
I took out the first book I got the hold of and I asked him what was his homework. He speaks little and soft... just like a girl Miss Bone Emoticons 64. He does more pointing than speaking Miss Bone Emoticons 43.

He pulled out a book... filthy too of course. He just points and just says 'this' and 'that' Ali the racoon Emoticons 111.

Fine, I got his book. Since he doesn't speak, I read the instruction myself Onion Head Emoticons 22.
I was too lazy at explaining, so I did his homework. His notebook... is filthy, too. His handwriting were anourmous and gigantic and very... untidy! I got it fine... I will write the way he writes... so I begin writing in his style as he suddenly said...

"Your handwriting are very untidy. Write better..."



Miss Bone Emoticons 4

The next thing I had to do was draw a table for filling words. I drew it kind of big when he took the ruler of me and measured the table I drew.

"Too big. I want 14cm."

"Shut up Ali the racoon Emoticons 101! Your handwriting are like elephants! It won't fit in a small table!"

I told him what to fill the words. He purposely did a lot of mistakes so he can use my Ali the racoon Emoticons 13... you know that  like a pen, there's white paint inside, used for erasing mistakes you write with pen Ali the racoon Emoticons 14. I don't know what it is called Ali the racoon Emoticons 104.

He really gets on me nerves Ali the racoon Emoticons 24, lol! In the end I did all of his job so I can finish things quickly... if I didn't do it... it would have never end Onion Head Emoticons 2!


  1. Hahaha~ Lol xD
    That thing called 'Tipe-X' in Indonesia =P

  2. Thanks! I was so curious what you call it! xD
    Thanks for reading :D



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