May 30, 2011

If The BO and The FBI Were to Switch Places!

If the BO and the FBIs were to switch places... which and with who do you think it would be? :D

First of all!

Akai and Gin: They are both genius and DANGEROUS! And are very skillful in their each's side... or more precisely the best ones Ali the racoon Emoticons 14.
If they were to switch sides, it'll do. And Shuu use to have a long hair, too. They are long hair freaks Ali the racoon Emoticons 27.

Shuu with his long hair.

Vermouth and Jodie: Both have broken English... (Kidding!) And Americans ladies... if they switch sides, it'll do.

Andre and Vodka: Both are clueless idiots. Both have big builds! Shuu trusts Andre and is loyal to him, and Vodka always seen with Gin. And if Camel were to put hat and sunglasses on (and his head shaved), he will look just like Vodka!

The last one looks quite identical! xD

OMG! If only Pisco wears a pair of glasses, they would look exactly the same! Pisco's eyes looked more evil though Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 52~

Ummm~ I guess this can also be considered trivia Ali the racoon Emoticons 32?

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