Jan 1, 2011

[Book Review] Young Samurai #1 – The Way of the Warrior

Excited, thrilled, touched, were my feelings while I read the Young Samurai – The Way of the Warrior. The story takes you a hundred years back in Edo era in Japan (1600s), about a young boy named Jack Fletcher, a 12-year-old English boy, who was sailing with his father and his crew in search of the legendary Japanese islands.
The group got shipwrecked off the coast of Japan in 1611 in a village named Toba, whereupon the crews are attacked by a ninja (which they believe at the time to be wokou, Japanese pirates). Only Jack survives and his father leaves him with his prized possession, a rutter (a precursor to the modern navigation chart).
Jack is rescued by legendary samurai swordsman Masamoto Takeshi who decides to adopt him until he is old enough, which makes Masamoto's son Yamato envious. Jack discovers that the leader of the ninja was known as
Dokugan Ryu (Dragon Eye) through Masamoto following Jack's description of his distinctive solitary green eye. Yamato and Jack engage in heated sparring with their bokken After defeating a ninja in another attack, Masamoto enrolls him in his samurai school in Kyoto, the Niten Ichi-ryu to train as a samurai.
Thus, Jack’s path to become a samurai warrior begins.
I loved the story. And read the book for over 3 times already! It’s dramatic with a lot of action, and also holds a little of comedy (although it is not focused for the readers t laugh, I had laughed a lot at certain scenes). Anyway, I recommend you read this! I can guarantee that you’ll love it!


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