Jan 4, 2011

[Book Review] Young Samurai #4 – The Ring of Earth

The 4rd series of the Young Samurai felt a little sad without Jack's friends (Yamato, Saburo, Kiku, and the others). But the adventure is interesting and thrilling. Jack meets new friends, and begin his rough training to become a ninja! Imagine that! The Ring of Earth holds a lot of twists which I find really heart wrecking!

With no sensei to guide him, he has just his wits and his swords against many new and unknown enemies, as he journeys along the treacherous road to the port of Nagasaki and perhaps home...

But the Shogun’s samurai are hot on his trail. Barely escaping their clutches, Jack runs headlong into a trap. Kidnapped by ninja and led to their village deep in the mountains, Jack has no means of escape.

The only question is who will kill him first – the ninja or samurai?


Young Samurai the Ring of Earth Sneak Peek

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