May 19, 2011

Farewell... Komol's Cat!

Since we got to live in North Africa, we never had a cat Onion Head Emoticons 29. And we had moved from place to place. Unsettling Onion Head Emoticons 38. We found a good landlord one year ago and settled in a place that looked quite like a country side.
We have this neighbour called 'Kamaru Kojima' (that's just a code name, lol Onion Head Emoticons 118). One day he brought a cat from a train station. The cat doesn't have a name, so I will just call it 'Guchi' right now. He was still a kitten when he was brought, but now he is a big cat. Kamaru had him stay in the rooftop. Our rooftop are connected so we usually have him to our place to play and eat. He is very naughty! Since we live at the 3rd floor, we don't the cat toilet. When he do poo-poo, he do it in the most difficult place to clean! He doesn't like to be loved either, he will only come to you when he needs something. But he is very cute! 

As he grew bigger, Kamaru stopped giving him much attention. The rooftop stinks of Guchi's crap. At first, when Dad came from England he was OK with the cat. But
then, Kamaru has been very rude to my father. So even cat is getting on my Dad's nerves. Dada kept telling Kamaru is it OK to let him live outside because he is doing a lot of mess in the apartment (forgot to mention that my father's office is in the same Apartment as Kamaru's). The stairs has become very stinky. But Kamaru refused. He said that he will be keeping him in the rooftop. He says that but he don't look after him at all. My brother have to neg him to give him food for the cat.
Yesterday my father lost his temper and threw him outside the apartment.
Later that noon when we were eating lunch, we heard a door bell and a bang-bang on the door. So I went downstairs to open it. Only to find Guchi lying in front of the door. His hand covered in blood. He was mewing, insisting to come inside. But I couldn't let him... because my dad would get angry, and Guchi was dirty. The person who rang the bell was no where to be seen. I assumed that he/she was the one who accidentally hit him (with bike I think) and knew that it was our cat.
I gave him some of the salami from the sandwich I was eating. He ate it all. I couldn't bear to see him like that, so I shut the door and went upstairs.
My mother felt sorry for him after she went downstairs and gave him food.
Later, my half brother, Oda (codename) brought him to his apartment (the place where also is my father's office).
Although my father is a strict man with temper, he has a kind heart. So he didn't mind him at the office for a bit.
He told Oda to tell to Kamaru, "tell him; if he doesn't take the cat inside the house and look after him properly, I will have to bring him far away from here"
But Kamaru wouldn't open the door or respond.
The next, my father took it far away from the house. I felt sorry, I didn't tell him good bye... he loves the house and the atmosphere of the people around him Onion Head Emoticons 145. Yet... yet Onion Head Emoticons 28... I hope to meet him in the after life Onion Head Emoticons 32.

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