May 16, 2011

Detective Boys & Nobita and his friends!

Have you ever notice the resemblance between Detective Boys (from Detective Conan) and Nobita and his friends?

Conan and Nobita

Nobita and Conan looks quite similiar. Their glasses, ... and er... just from the outside, haha. Their personality are complete opposite xD

Shizuka and Ayumi

Although that in Doraemon series it is Nobita who has a crush on Shizuka, in Detective Conan it is Ayumi who has a crush on Conan.

Mitsuhiko and Soneo
Their hairstyle are quite similiar, but their role and personality and totally different.

Genta and Gian
Their names begins with 'G', both are fat, both likes to eat, both are greedy... but I prefer Genta.

Doraemon and Professor Agasa
Both are the source of all gadgets!

I use to love Doraemon as a kid, but now it has become boring to me. But it is funny how they resembles quite a lot!


  1. Haha~ This one is funny and interesting!
    Yeah, quite similar but their personalities were completely the opposite. Conan was genius, and Nobita... ano... yeah, haha. Mitsuhiko was clever, but he wasn't annoying (Suneo was extra-annoying!). Yeah, I like Genta too, better than Giant.
    I used to read Doraemon manga long ago, but I hated how Fujiko Fujio made such a boring ending.

  2. Meitantei Conan,
    Saikou No Aibou (FATONAH) !



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