Oct 13, 2011

[Book Review] My Brother Sam Is Dead

Although I found the title… kind of weird (lame), I found the story good and interesting. I only read it out of boredom.
It takes place in America 1600 (or 1700), about Sam Meeker who left his home in Redding, Connecticut, a town loyal to the king, to fight with the rebel army (the English), he places his family in a very difficult position. The story teller is Sam’s little brother, Timothy Meeker.

What I learnt in this book:-
I learnt a lot about the revolution war, as well as how the people use to live in those days. It’s a great mix of fact and fiction.
I also learnt some new vocabularies.

My opinion on the characters:-
Umm… nothing special. I think… it’s your ordinary everyday people (except it was in the olden days). The characters aren’t the type for you to fell in love with them.

What I felt after reading the book:-
I was so moved! I couldn’t hold back my tears as I shut the book… It was so sad… big difference from the title.

I will give this book… 4 stars.

Product details
·         Mass Market Paperback: 216 pages
·         Publisher: Scholastic US; Reprint edition (31 Dec 1989)
·         Language English
·         ISBN-10: 059042792X
·         ISBN-13: 978-0590427920

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