Oct 23, 2011

Kaoko's Animated GIF Collection Vol. 1

Hello, ladies and germs! For today, I’m going to share my beautiful art works of… Animated GIFs!
Well, you see… I’ve made many GIFs including funny gifs, anime food gifs, violent gifs, crazy gifs, annoying gifs, etc. until the folder I store my gifs in reached the climax around 150 MB. And that’s when an idea pooped into my brain! Whenever the storage reached 150 MB, I’ll zip it, upload it, and then share it with the world!

To be honest, it’s only for my convenience (in the beginning); since I wouldn’t want to lose all that if by any chance something happens to the computer.

Oh, and also… I give permission if you ever want to use the gifs for your own convenient, either like for signatures in the forums, forum posts, GIF collection, displaying it on your site, etc. BUT! Since I don't put any water marks, please credit me if it is po~ss~ible . And, a comment will be much appreciated Ali the racoon Emoticons 14.

The animes I made the gifs from: Gintama, Detective Conan, SKET Dance, Kimi ni Todoke, Fairy Tail, Skip Beat!, Usagi Drops, Reborn, Ouran High School Host Club, etc (can’t remember some).

Anyway, here are some for display/show. You can find the download link right at the bottom.

(Sorry, but I'm still uploading)

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